Etien Yanev is a PR & Marketing professional, experienced in international context


Etien Yanev is the first Bulgarian to moderate the largest students campus in Europe – RANEPA Summer Campus in Kazan, Russia. The Campus brings together more than 200 international students to provide them with an extended program full of training sessions, live meetings with leading businessman, workshops, cultural program, and others. Etien is one of the five officially invited by the Russian Presidential Academy moderators to actively support students through their studies and educational projects. Every Campus is entitled with an overall topic, and students work on a final project presentation competing between groups. In 2018 the topic was around Entrepreneurship in Entertainment and Culture, and Etien’s teams won the first prize by the expert jury. Etien was also responsible for the delivering of training sessions in social media, presentation skills, marketing pitching, and energizers.



Etien has delivered more than 50 digital marketing training sessions to sales and marketing teams across the US, UK, Germany, France, and others.

His dedication to teaching resulted in many other professional seminars, such as:
• “How to promote events via social media” with Softuni
• “Social Media Academy” for the colleagues at Unify Bulgaria
• “How to deliver the perfect presentation” with TEJ, EC Bulgaria
• “What makes content go viral” with Amaze ltd
• “The secret of Personal branding” with etienyanev.com
• “How to conduct a business call and etiquette” with several SMBs
• “Employee Advocacy Marketing” with COTRUGLI Business School


Among his most significant projects is the very first live seminar in Europe with the American entrepreneur and billionaire Grant Cardone. Etien is PR and part of the organizing team there.

Nominated three times among the best students in Bulgaria in the annual awards by the National Representation of Student Councils for his achievements in communications and youth leadership. Completed a Master’s degree in Digital Marketing and Social Media at Sheffield University – written a dissertation on the topic of “How Gamification Influences Brand Awareness.” Specialized in PR and Business Management through his Bachelor’s program in Sofia University – thesis written around the subject of building an online media.


Etien Yanev is a regular guest in national media such as Bloomberg TV, Diema Sport, BNT, bTV, BiT, TV Europe, and others.


Etien is regularly presenting on Bloomberg TV on topics such as Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Future of Artificial Intelligence, Business in Football, and many others.

Etien is a big football fan and regualry analyzing leading championships on Diema Sport and other sports channels.

  His other expert topics are gaming, technologies, youth entrepreneurship, and others. See more >>HERE<<.


You can also find Etien’s special section on the well-recognized “Tvoyat Business” magazine, where he covers topics such as online marketing, social media, employer branding, digital transformation, and others.

His professional path started in a PR agency, where he had first managed a small team in a monitoring department before he moved to the PR role itself. He has been gradually shifting direction to digital marketing and has helped several SMB companies in Bulgaria to establish a strong online presence. Moreover, he has been involved in huge sales deals and establishment of new advertising formats to the Bulgarian market. Later his career he also started consulting business individuals and startups.

Currently, Etien is hired by Atos – a global leader in digital transformation with approximately 100000 employees in 73 countries and annual revenue of around € 12 billion. He had been managing the global social media strategy of Unify – Atos collaboration solutions division, where he is also officially recognized as one of the marketing stars in the team. Shortly after that, he is promoted to Global Head of Customer Advocacy & Reference Marketing at Unify, where he is responsible for the establishment of innovative marketing approaches to foster Unify’s voice across all digital channels.


His interest in volunteering brings him to over 30 projects for intercultural dialogue and mobility across Europe.

Selected by the Representation of the European Commission in Bulgaria to take part in Team Europe Junior – a group of young presenters highly involved in European youth events. TEJ’s primary campaign is called “Back to school” – on the Day of Europe every member goes back to school to share personal development experience with other students. Etien is regularly delivering training sessions to new TEJ members and professional colleagues in the European Commissions’s network in Bulgaria.

Etien’s true passion is video games! In 2007 he became the best Bulgarian player in KONAMI’s football franchise Pro Evolution Soccer and represented our country during the world finals (ESWC) in Paris, France. He continues his mission with games by organizing many tech events in Bulgaria and keeping promotion of the electronic sports worldwide.


Favorite quote: Be the change you wish to see in the world – Mahatma Gandhi