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If you look for knowledgeable and engaging speaker on the topics of digital marketing and social media, you can contact me HERE.

Digital Marketing:
👉 Social Media Marketing – your brand to the next level
👉 Building A Personal Brand For Success – from “A” to “Z”
👉 Content Marketing & Copywriting
👉 Email marketing for nurturing and conversion
👉 Advocacy Marketing – build your brand ambassadors
👉 Online Community Management – strategy and techniques
👉 Success In Digital Sales – emotional connection
👉 How To Create Your Online Talk Show

Personal Development:
👉 Turn anxiety into our strong point
👉 Formation of habits for efficiency
👉 Overcoming personal barriers and living by our design

👉 Presentation skills and how to influence the audience / workshop /
👉 Graphic design in social media for non-professionals / workshop /
👉 Analysis of the client path / workshop /

Languages: Bulgarian and English

Well-prepared host & moderator for your events

Etien Yanev has extensive experience in public speaking in front of large audiences, which he conveys in his teaching style. He has moderated presentations by American marketer Ruth Stevens, as well as events such as the Online Advertising Conference. Meetings with him includes active communication with the audience.

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