Gaming – my gate to the world of technologies and digital marketing

I was one of those kids who were spending lots of hours in the computer room or at home with the video console. I found many followers we had fun with or more often have been competing with, but I have always seen something more in video games – they have been my gateway to the future. I loved the social side of this type of entertainment, even when it was online, as I could see people with common interests coming together and interacting, just like in a global social network.

It is no accident that after I discovered my passion about football, I started playing football games. On a nice spring day I heard on the radio about a tournament of my favorite game – Pro Evolution Soccer. This turned to be my beginning in technologies. A year later, I was the national champion and represented Bulgaria at the ESWC World Finals in Paris. And shortly thereafter, we started organizing dozens of tournaments across the country and ignited the passion of many children with the magic of a new phenomenon – e-sports. Games taught us strategic thinking and quick reflexes, but above all, prepared us for the world of technology.

Career in TV hosting and media

A little later in my career, thanks to the gaming, I discovered my other passion – media. Together with colleagues, we created the first web portal for fans of Pro Evolution Soccer, where we practiced our editorial skills and some of the basic rules in online communication. Shortly after we tried with one more project – an online media that brought together a number of youth interests such as sports, music and cinema. We had a team of 10 people who volunteered and dreamed one day this media to become one of the biggest in Bulgaria.

To date, gaming continues to bring me lots of emotions and put myself involved in various exciting projects. I have been part of the organizing team of many gaming events that brought together thousands of people. One of the notable projects was a TV live show about e-sports and gaming. If you still think gaming is a waste of time, hope I encouraged you just a bit. Globally, gaming events fill up stadiums, with the largest tournament prize pool amounting to over $ 30 million.

A look at Digital Marketing

The passion for digital marketing seemed to have come naturally, thanks to my knowledge in online communication and technologies. I was privileged to know how social media worked and how they get into our daily lives, even when some colleagues still haven’t recognized their significance. Today, it is unthinkable to start a business without paying close attention to our online reputation, so I actively try to spread my knowledge through trainings, articles and here in our new blog.

In my career, I have worked in agencies, internal departments of Bulgarian businesses, and I am currently part of the digital team of a global IT company that is a leader in digital services. I am part of a Forbes Digital 100 Company`s Talent Program. I have graduated in “Public Relations” at the University of Sofia and “Digital Marketing” at Sheffield University, with additional specialization at Cambridge University. I am a strong believer in lifelong learning and eagerly look for new information daily.

Pass the knowledge on

Since 2016 I have been a tutor in the largest student campus for entrepreneurship in the world – RANEPA International. Within the event, I have been preparing groups of students for various training and workshop events about presentation skills, as well as about the development of a final business project that they present to an expert jury.  In 2018 and in 2019 my teams won the grand jury award

Since 2019 I have been teaching in Bulgaria and abroad, and also held presentations in India, Germany, Cyprus and UK. I am also developing online personal branding courses that have been attended by over 10000 students. One of the most interesting projects I have participated in is my work on the very first seminar in Europe with the participation of US entrepreneur and millionaire Grant Cardone.

Where you can also see me

If you are a football fan, it is very likely to meet each other on the TV screen from the most popular football championships – La Liga, Serie A or Premier League. I support my favorite teams, but also give my best to offer value to the viewers through my comments and analysis that often link to my knowledge in the world of virtual football. This is my way of expressing love about sports.

Mission: To help people break their limits and live their own digital brand.